Acquisition (aka AcqStack)

Welcome to Acqstack’s team page!

Our Vision

The TTS Office of Acquisition (OA) exists to prove that government contracting can be joyful for our employees, customers, and industry partners, by ensuring that informed buyers can easily and confidently access the right products and services to meet the customer’s mission.

Our Mission

We seek to design and evangelize acquisition approaches that are better aligned with current industry practices to ensure the successful delivery of technology products and services that truly meet the needs of our agency partners and the people they serve.

Our Values

  • Start small and iterate. In both our own work and the work we help acquire from vendors, we believe that starting small, getting feedback, and continuously iterating and improving over time yields exponentially better results than planning a large effort out in advance and executing in one fell swoop.
  • Question the status quo. To support our partners in achieving the best possible results in their technology acquisitions, we sometimes have to ask them to step outside of what may be standard procedure in their agency. While we may push the boundaries of “norms” and “practices,” we always maintain legal integrity and compliance with the FAR in all of our work.
  • Work in cross-functional teams. Including diverse expertise in the process from the very beginning is key to a successful acquisition. That’s why we work in cross-functional teams representing design, technical, product and procurement expertise from day one on each of our projects, and encourage our partners to do the same.
  • Focus on the user need. We believe that happy users are the sign of great digital services, so we engage with end-users early and often to make sure that our procurements and products address their needs.
  • Treat all parties in the process with empathy. We work collaboratively with our agency partners, vendors, and the rest of TTS to achieve our mission. As such, we approach each of these stakeholders with the same empathy and open-mindedness as we do the end-users of the products and services we procure.
  • Work in the open. We believe transparency, accountability and collaboration ultimately result in better-quality products and services. We are committed to opening up our process and our source code as much a possible, and encourage our partners and vendors to do the same.
  • Continuously improve. Our work is never done - there is always room to improve. We conduct regular retrospectives on our projects, with our team, and with our partners and vendors to continuously improve our methods and practices over time.

What We Do

We focus on procurements of intentionally modest scope for open-source digital products and services, which we procure and deliver incrementally, so that we can assess the results more quickly, and refine our approaches over time.

In pursuit of this strategy, we:

  • Buy digital products and services for our own organization (TTS) and for partner agencies to pilot our own procurement tools and processes, and to demonstrate that compliance can still be achieved in the context of more efficient and effective acquisition approaches;
  • Develop and pilot novel methods of working with industry which engage vendors of all sizes and encourages them to compete in the market and deliver better results; and
  • Consult with clients on acquisition strategy, and provide post-award coaching and support rooted in real project work to assist our clients in the development of the skills needed to be more savvy consumers of digital products and services moving forward, and ensure their long-term success beyond the scope of our work together.

Let us help you. Please email us at

TTS Internal Procurement

If your procurement need costs less than the micro-purchase threshold ($10,000) please visit the Purchase Request section in the handbook.

If you’re looking to have the TTS Office of Acquisition (OA) procure anything over the micro-purchase threshold ($10,000), please fill out the Intake Form. As a prerequisite to submitting the form, please notify your team director of your request. Once the OA receives and processes your request form, we will contact you within 3 business days to discuss next steps.

Have questions? Find us in Slack at #acquisition

TTS Office of Acquisition Operational Guidance

TTS OA aims to redefine the culture of government acquisition of information technology by bringing agile practices to service level procurement policies. TTS OA Operational Guidance, which includes standard operating procedures, #readme’s, templates, checklists and other operational guidance documents, were established to keep TTS procurement practices agile, current, applicable and in compliance at the Federal, Agency and Service levels.

Still have questions?

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