ALOHA/ETAMS Reconciliation Feature

TL;DR: ALOHA has a new leave reconciliation feature that allows employees to correct their own leave variances.

In order to ensure that our leave and attendance are accurately recorded, TTS will need to use the new leave reconciliation tool to correct any leave and/or attendance discrepancies. Maintaining accurate leave data across our system is important, as we use it for: attendance records, determining whether you have enough leave to make a leave request, and pay-outs when you leave the GSA.

Why do I need to reconcile my leave?

For leave to be fully processed and deducted from your ALOHA leave balance, leave requests need to be entered into two systems, the Authorized Leave & Overtime Help Application (ALOHA), which is entered by individual employees and approved by supervisors, and the Electronic Time Attendance Management System (ETAMS). ALOHA leave requests that are approved before the end of they pay period in which the leave is to occur are automatically inputted into ETAMS. If the leave request is approved late, then the systems will not sync and you must make a manual correction. This tool allows you to make these manual corrections and ensure your attendance record and leave balance are accurate and up to date.

How do I use this tool?

This video and this PDF (which you need to be on a GSA network to view) will walk you through the process. Reconciliation takes only a few minutes to complete.

How do I know if my leave needs to be reconciled?

When you log into ALOHA, you will see this notification.


Also, your timekeeper will be pulling leave reports on a monthly basis and notifying employees of their variances.

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