AnyConnect is a VPN client that we use to connect to GSA’s intranet.


Your machine may already have AnyConnect installed. If it is, it will be under Cisco>AnyConnect in your Applications.

If it is not installed, here is how you can get access:

  1. Request the AnyConnect VPN Client via ServiceNow. Someone from GSA IT will reach out to you within the day.
  2. Follow their directions to install AnyConnect.

Your installation screen should look like this:

AnyConnect Installation Screen


Refer to Insite for the latest instructions on how to use the AnyConnect VPN Client.

You will need to enter your GSA credentials to access this page.


If you need to troubleshoot your AnyConnect installation, please refer to this document

Still have questions?

Contact the GSA IT Service Desk

Or ask in Slack: #questions or #distributed