IT Modernization Centers of Excellence

Our Story

A signature initiative designed by the White House’s Office of American Innovation (OAI) and implemented at the General Services Administration (GSA), the Centers of Excellence (CoE) seek to address IT modernization as a means to improve citizen services. We were established in October 2017 within the GSA’s Technology Transformation Services (TTS) to support intensive IT transformation at federal agencies.

Our mission is to accelerate that modernization by leveraging private sector innovation and government services, while centralizing best practices and expertise.

Currently operating at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we have five centers, each focused on a specific (but interconnected) area of transformation:

  • Cloud Adoption
    • Analyzes current systems and applications to provide recommendations for planning cloud migration.
  • Contact Center
    • Helps improve contact center delivery services and customer interactions.
  • Customer Experience
    • Works to develop a better understanding of customer needs and helps translate those findings into actions.
  • Data Analytics
    • Helps make more efficient use of data management, analysis, and reporting capabilities.
  • Infrastructure Optimization
    • Assists in optimizing data centers and reducing infrastructure costs.

Our Values

  • Lead
    • Take the opportunity to propose solutions to problems to our customers.
  • Consider the CoE vision
    • Look for opportunities that create a multiple CoE solution.
  • Build Relationships
    • Get to know members of each CoE—you’ll never know how their background and perspective can assist in overcoming a challenge.
  • Know our customer
    • Understanding and anticipating the needs of our customer is our highest priority. Speaking with our customers and regularly gathering their insights allows agencies to rethink the way they deliver technology solutions today.
  • Innovate from within
    • There is a lot of great technical talent across the government, we strive to identify those innovators and harness their experience in the CoEs.
  • Collaborate for success
    • The CoEs recruit the best and brightest from our customer’s workforce to co-lead modernization efforts and ensure success and longevity beyond CoE engagements.
  • Rely on best practices
    • We also partner with the private sector to implement the latest technology, utilize commercial practices, accelerate modernization and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Centralize our resources
    • By standing up the CoEs we strive to centralize and share the brightest talent, proven processes and acquisition vehicles to yield the best results across government.