Custom Partner Solutions

Custom Partner Solutions is one of the 5 business units within 18F. Using the cross-functional skills of 18F staff, CPS provides federal agencies with custom, user-centric solutions that address a client’s unique challenges. We use agile methodology to partner closely with our clients to create lasting impact.

What we do

  • We deliver partnerships and solutions that help agencies solve problems. The first step in that process is a thorough exploration of the challenges facing an agency and their users. From there, the solution can be found down any number of different paths. The constant is that 18F will gather the right experts for the job, partner hand-in-hand with an agency team, use agile techniques, and talk with real users throughout the process to make sure we’re building the right thing, not just any thing.
  • We also support internal teams working on CPS projects. More specifically, we offer guidance on engagement management for project teams and have developed tools to help engagement managers ensure success on their projects.


There have been a lot of success stories for CPS, like what we did with:

Team Structure

  • Acting Director: Stephanie Rivera
  • Team members:
    • Alex Bisker
    • Anna Heller Sebok
    • Olesya Minina

How we support internal teams

We’re your partners. We promise to set you up to succeed in every way we can. We promise to:

  • Set clear expectations with partners
  • Help create clear transition plans
  • Be available to you for engagement matters large and small
  • Bring you projects that align with the mission of 18F as well as your skill sets and interests
  • Give you the autonomy you want and the support you need to create the best products possible
  • Give you the opportunity to grow as a partner, as a technologist, and as an innovator


Three of CPS’ major tasks are picking projects, providing information to other 18F teams about upcoming or current projects, and supporting existing project teams. All three of these rely on gathering information from across 18F, so often when you’ll be hearing from CPS, we’ll be asking you for some specific info. This information gathering is critical to smooth CPS operations — it helps us help you! Check the list below to see what kind of information we might be asking from you and who your point person is for questions.

If you’re a project manager or engagement manager expect to:

If you’re a chapter head expect to:

  • Be asked to staff PPRs
  • Be involved in the staffing process
  • Point person for PPRs: Olesya Minina + Stephanie Rivera
  • Point person for staffing: Anna Sebok

If you’re a chapter member expect to:

  • Volunteer for a Potential Project Review (PPR)
  • PPR Guide here
  • Point person for PPRs: Olesya Minina + Stephanie Rivera
  • Be invited to the CPS Staffing AMAs
  • Point person for staffing: Anna Sebok

If you’re on the finance team expect to:

  • Provide CPS monthly project invoices
  • These are linked in each project on our Partnership Tracker
  • Address billing questions CPS might have
  • Point person for finance: Anna Sebok + Alex Bisker

If you’re on the agreements team expect to:

  • Work with us on the SOW/IAA/MOU process
  • Point person for Agreements: Alex Bisker

If you’re on the agency partnerships team expect to:

  • Work with us on Business Development
  • Point person for BizDev: Stephanie Rivera + Olesya Minina

If you’re just curious about all things CPS

Where you can reach us


Communications, guides, and templates: