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Custom Partner Solutions

Custom Partner Solutions (CPS) is the business unit of 18F. This group oversees new business development for the organization and houses both the account management and human services portfolio teams.

What we do and how to reach us

Business Development

18F partners with civilian and military federal agencies to help them build or buy exceptional digital services. 18F also offers procurement services to state and local governments with access to federal funds.

The business development team qualifies incoming work opportunities to ensure that 18F is a good fit. This involves confirming the partner agency has usable funds, that they are willing to work in an iterative and human-centered way, and that the area of focus falls within 18F’s expertise. As part of this qualification process, the business development team will often enlist the help of subject matter experts (SMEs) from the 18F chapters to assist with partner conversations.

Account Management

18F account managers take over qualified leads from the business development team and shepherd our agency partners through the agreements process. They are responsible for the partner’s experience before a project begins, including the scope of work (SOW) creation, project staffing, expectation management, and Interagency Agreement (IAA) execution. Once a project begins, they also manage budgets, coordinate and schedule meetings and travel, and look for connections and opportunities to deepen partnerships across the federal government. They are an integral part of the project team, working closely with the project lead to deliver value to the partner.

Human Services Portfolio

Over the last few years, several teams within 18F have worked on a number of projects that fall within the human services realm. This body of work has led to a deeper understanding of the challenges of the space from a variety of angles. 18F is hoping to increase our potential for impact by approaching this as a cohesive body of work and making thoughtful choices about how and where we engage moving forward.

Team resources

Check in slack: #partner-solutions (or ping @cps in any channel) for resources like the Account Management Responsibilities and the Account Manager Onboarding Checklist.