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  1. To access Concur, you’ll first need to get a “travel vendor ID”. The easiest way to do this is to email and request your vendor ID, and that payroll banking information can be used to generate this. * In case the travel finance team is unable to locate your payroll banking information, they may request that you complete the EFT form and will provide instructions on how you can send this information to them securely. * While you wait for the ID number to be generated (which can take up to 1 business day), you may get started on applying for the GSA travel card.

  2. Once you receive the vendor ID number (should look like E000xxxxx), complete the CGE Access Request Form, minus the EFT enrollment form. Either an electronic or ink signature is fine. Don’t forget to get your supervisor’s signature as well!

*Not sure about a particular field? Get help by reading the FAQ below

  1. Email completed CGE form to Do not email it to, as the form specifies. Only email it to Your account will be set up before the next travel office hours, which you can also book any time if you have questions.

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Frequently Asked questions

What is my Correspondence/Office symbol?

For the purposes of Concur, use “TTS”.

What are my user roles?

Only traveler, unless you have already been instructed otherwise by the 18F travel team.

What is my user type?

GSA employee (Regular) if based in a city which has a TTS office which you report to.

GSA employee (Virtual) if based anywhere else.

Whose signature should I get for the supervisor field?

That of your functional supervisor.

What if I haven’t taken the Mandatory IT Security Awareness Training yet?

Try to take this training (The 2019 GSA Mandatory Cyber Security and Privacy Training) in OLU first. Follow the instructions here if you need help.

Got other questions?

Got questions? Ask #travel,, or book office hours here