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General contacts and listservs

Contacts, email groups, and government-related newsletters.

TTS information

Information you might need for filling out GSA forms:


Washington, D.C.: 1800 F St. NW. 20405 GSA region: 11 Office Guide
San Francisco, CA: 50 United Nations Plaza 94102 GSA region: R9 Office Guide
Chicago, IL: 230 S. Dearborn St. 60604 GSA region: R5 Office Guide
New York City, NY: One World Trade Center, 10007 GSA region: R2 Office Guide

Email groups


Business Inquiries

Business Units

Chapters and PIF



Contacting OPP outside of TTS


There are a number of groups that are good for collaborating across government. If any of these topics interest you, consider joining—even if you prefer to lurk. (Consider filtering messages like these so they appear in their own Gmail label.) communities hosts several mailing list communities for people in the U.S. government, including the following:

Virtual and Augmented Reality

A collaborative hub for the research and refinement of VR and AR business cases and pilot programs across government. Join »


We're interested in exploring distributed ledger technology and its implementation within government. Join »


The practice of operations and development staff participating in the in the entire service lifecycle to operate rapidly changing resilient systems at scale. Join »

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We are a group who is working to accelerate robotic process automation (RPA) adoption in the federal government. Join »

Social Media

We are dedicated to improving the creation, adoption and evaluation of digital engagement programs and emerging social technologies and strategies for public services. Join »

U.S. Web Design System

A community for anyone building federal websites with the U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) or considering it for a future project. Join »

A/B Testing

We encourage data-driven decisions and continuous optimization through A/B testing. Join »

Accessibility / Section 508

We support people who are working to improve accessibility of information technology. Join »

Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants

Our community engages stakeholders around the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), and the Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal. Join »


Working to advance the cause of APIs in the federal government Join »


Supporting people working with agile/lean methodologies and those who would like to learn more. Join »


The Interagency Open Government Community of Practice is where we talk about transparency, open-participation, and collaboration across agencies. Join »

Video Production Pros

Video Production Pros brings together passionate storytellers, artists, social gurus, strategists, and video production experts from across the U.S. government. Join »

Plain Language

Our goal is to promote the use of plain language for all government communications. Join »

Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science

We work across government develop best practices for designing, implementing, and evaluating crowdsourcing and citizen science initiatives. Join »

Customer Experience

We are an interagency group of customer experience practitioners. Join »

Open Data

A community listserv and working group that unites 900 open data leads at federal agencies, data stewards, and all others in government interested in open data, enterprise data inventory, civic tech, and data-driven government issues. Join »


We are working to expand and improve digital content in languages other than English. Join »

User Experience

Join other federal user experience practitioners and learn how to make better user-centered products. Join »

Challenge & Prize

We encourage public participation in crowdsourcing competitions to find innovative government solutions. Join »

Web Content Managers

The Web Content Managers Forum is a community of government employees who share ideas, challenges, lessons learned, and best practices in managing the content of government websites. Join »


We work across agencies to implement government-wide solutions for making mobile technologies better. Join »

Government Contact Center Council (G3C)

We are an inter-agency group of contact center directors and managers with over 200 members across 55 federal, state and local government agencies. Join »

Artificial Intelligence

Supporting and coordinating the use of artificial intelligence technologies in federal agencies. Join »

Manage Your Listserv Subscription

GSA supports many communities of practice by hosting Listservs which provide our community with an easy way to collaborate, ask questions, and share information. Join »

Open Source Community of Practice

About: This listserv has been established to expand the opportunities for the open source community to communicate with each other beyond events and working groups held by the staff during the year.

To join: Email with no subject or text in the body and it will add you. You should receive a confirmation.

Other groups within the U.S. government

DevOps Today

About: The list aims to promote DevOps practices within government IT organizations, including overcoming the organizational and cultural challenges to effecting change. Run by Peter Burkholder of 18F, with participants from federal, state, and local governments.

To join: Email with no subject and subscribe devops-today in the body.

Digital Service

About: This listserv is used for cross-team announcements and conversation between USDS HQ, agency digital service teams, 18F etc.

To join: Email with no subject and subscribe digitalservice in the body.

Interagency open data working group

About: Run by Project Open Data. For people who want to discuss open data policy.

To join: Email with no subject and subscribe open-data in the body.

Public groups

Government APIs

About: Provides a safe and open arena for government-focused collaboration and news-sharing for anyone interested in API production, API consumption, open interagency developer collaboration, open data, open content, open CMS projects, and developer outreach.

To join: Apply via Google Groups.

Government open source

About: Provides a safe and open arena for government-focused collaboration and news-sharing for anyone interested in open source software projects, open source collaboration, licensing, and developer outreach.

To join: Apply via Google Groups.

Open government

About: Provides a safe and welcoming arena for government-focused collaboration and news-sharing around Open Government efforts of the United States government. Specific topics may include: The Open Government Initiative, The Open Government Plan, Freedom of Information Act efforts, open data projects, and citizen engagement

To join: Apply via Google Groups.

GSA Press Clips

About: This is an internal GSA google group we set up to bring together the various press clips that are sent out by the Communications office.

To join: Apply via Google Groups.