We use Gmail for email.


You can access your email from or


  • For basic Gmail tips and best practices check out the Email with Gmail InSite page.

  • Enable clickable mailto: links in Chrome:

    • Navigate to your inbox,
    • Click on the interlocking diamonds icon on the right in your address bar
    • In the dialog, Allow to open all email links
    • Then click Done, as show below:


  • If you go by a different name, create an alias. You can create an alias to have a different email address if you go by something other than your legal name. Go to the GSA Service Now self-service page and submit a “GSA Generic Request” (Home > Make a request > Other requests > GSA Generic Request) asking for the email alias that you want.

  • Create filters. You can create filters to manage the influx of automatic emails you’ll be receiving (like Region X Communications). You can select “add a label” and automatically “archive” or put messages into different folders.

  • You can set your photo for your Google profile in Gmail settings.