Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage and file backup system. We keep a lot of documentation on Google Drive, though we’re slowly switching material over to the Handbook.


Because Google Drive is a web application, you don’t need to install anything.


We use Google Drive to keep track of documentation for different projects:

Document permissions

The main way we collaborate on documents is by adding them to the 18F Team Folder in a relevant sub-folder. (You can make a new sub-folder if it wouldn’t fit into the existing folders.) This automatically gives the document the right permissions and makes it easy for the rest of the team to find.

If you’re working outside the 18F Team Folder, make sure you change the permission on new documents so that your collaborators can view and edit them.


If you’re using a non-Google service and it requests access to your GSA Google Drive (such as to enable an integration feature), please deny that request. In other words, don’t grant OAuth access to GSA Google Drive. Here’s an example of what this kind of request might look like:

don't click "allow"

We have more explanation of why this is our policy in this blog post about how we handle information security and third party applications.

To be sure you haven’t enabled this access accidentally in the past, you can check Google’s list of “Apps connected to your account”, expand each item, and look for the Google Drive icon.

Google Apps Scripts

To use a Google Apps Script, please fill out this form.


  • Finding recent documents To find recently documents, use this link, which you can find by clicking on the “AZ” button and selecting “Last opened by me.”

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