Google Groups

We use Google Groups to manage team and interest-based email distribution lists and listservs (a list of listservs and groups TTS uses is here.

Create a Google Group

  1. Open the GSA Service Desk Self-Service Portal.
  2. Scroll down to the menu and click on Order Something.
  3. On the left hand menu click on Google Groups/Sites, and then click on the Google Groups/Sites Creation or Access Request block.
  4. The service catalog auto-populates your name in the request. Note: If making a request on behalf of someone else, search for their name with the magnifying glass icon.
  5. Complete the required fields. Note that the business justification can be brief.
  6. Enter any other pertinent information in the comments.
  7. Click Add to Cart, then Checkout on the next page.
  8. Your ticket has been created. You may want to note the ticket ID (starts with RITM) for future reference.

Manage a Google Group

To find the groups that you are in and manage any groups where you are an admin, visit My Groups.


  • You can’t access public Google groups via the Google Groups website, but group owners can directly add your address to send and receive public group emails.

  • While you can receive emails via the Google Group, be aware that your response will come from your main email account. If you’re an admin for the group, however, you can select the group address when you are composing a response.

  • People outside GSA can’t access GSA Google groups via the Google Groups website, but email still works depending on the permissions. To adjust those permissions so non-GSA people can email your listserv, click on your listserv, then the “Settings” gear. Then “Group Settings.” On the left menu of that screen, go to “Permissions” then “Basic Permissions.” Click the dropdown box labeled “Post” and select “Public.” Save your changes.

You can subscribe to Google Groups with the following RSS feed URL:<GROUP_NAME>/msgs/rss.xml

Still have questions?

Ask in Slack: #questions, #teamops, or #it-issues