If you’re moving to a different GSA region, please follow all steps below. If you’re moving within the same GSA region, please follow the steps in the “Change your address” section below.

Notification and paperwork

Email your direct supervisor and ask for approval. After receiving approval, please email your new address and effective move date to Talent, copying your supervisor, at least 30 days in advance of your move.

Your effective date should be the start of a pay period. Pay period dates can be found on GSA InSite.

A member of the TTS Talent Team will complete a report of personnel action (RPA) and a virtual worker agreement (VWA) which is used if you’re not going to work out of a federal office along with a VWA Appendix 2. The paperwork is submitted to OHRM and then they process everything. You will only need to sign the Appendix 2.

Changes in pay

If you’re changing regions, your pay will change. Look up your new pay here. Find your region under the pay table for the current year, and then find your step and grade. That’s what you’ll be paid in your new location.

Change your address

  1. Change your home address on Employee Express to notify most GSA operations of your new address.

  2. Once your move is effective in GSA systems (SF50/CHRIS), change your state tax withholding by contacting the payroll office at

  3. To notify the Thrift Savings Program (TSP) of your new address, email it to both the Consolidated Processing Center at and to the payroll office at Payroll will notify the TSP office of your new address.

  4. Contact your health insurance, dental insurance, and any other insurances you may have and let them know about your address change. You will also need to verify that your insurance will be valid in your new location or you will need to change it. Contact Karen Addison in GSA HR or if you have any questions.

Karen’s contact information can be found by searching the staff directory or by reaching out to #talent.

Change your Slack location

We’ve started putting our location in parentheses after our names in Slack to make it easier for coworkers to tell where we are. To update it, open your profile, click Edit, and update the letters after your last name.