is a collaborative whiteboard and sticky note tool.


Because Murally is a web application, there’s no installation necessary. You will need to set up an account, however. If you don’t already have a account, visit this link and create an account with your GSA email address. In order to have access to all 18F public rooms and create your own rooms, you need an admin (Russ Unger) to give you those permissions.


Screenshot of Murally pointing to teams, rooms, and murals

  • consists of “rooms” (for example, FEC) and “murals” (for example, User Research). There’s only one “team:” 18F.
  • Rooms can be public or private to the rest of the team. If rooms within the 18F group are set to public, anyone at 18F can view them. If they’re private, only people specifically invited to them can see them.
  • You can give access to individual boards or rooms to anyone, including people outside of 18F or GSA, and doing so will not give them access to other public rooms without an administrator’s approval.