New York City

How do I…

Visit as a guest?

See the TTS at WTC guide.

Get building access?

See the TTS at WTC guide.

Get my fingerprints and badge?

Set up an appointment to visit room 200 of 26 Federal Plaza.

Access the building after hours?

Building hours are 6am - 7pm. While you can stay in the space later, you won’t be able to get back in if you go to the bathroom or something.

Book rooms for meetings?

Use BookIT.

Use the monitors/docks?

The DisplayLink docks can be used with Macs over USB, though you may need to install drivers. If that doesn’t work, we have a couple of DVI to HDMI cords sitting by the 18F desks that can connect to the monitors directly.

Use the printers?

Refer to our printer information document for more details.

Get on the wireless?

The wifi network for GSA staff is gsa-wireless - use your ENT credentials. Guests can use GSA-Guest - type guest wifi in Slack to get the password, which rotates regularly.

Where are the…


In the center “core” of each floor. You will need your badge to get back.

Mother’s rooms

There’s a mother’s (aka lactation) room on the 54th floor on the southeast side. It has outlets, a sink, and a fridge. Ideally you should book time in the room with BookIt.

Snacks and drinks

There is a coffee shop on the 64th floor, and a cafeteria and another coffee shop on the 35th floor. You need to go back down to the 1st floor to go back up to them. There are also many options in the Oculus mall, or across the street at Brookfield Place.

Spare keyboards and mice

There are supply rooms with pens, sticky notes, etc. If you need something ordered, see the purchase requests page.

Transit subsidy

See the Transit Benefit page for information on enrollment and deactivation. This page on InSite has additional information.

Use your card

Although it is technically a debit card, when you put the card in an MTA machine, select Credit Card as your payment method, and use the same office ZIP code. The balance resets on the 10th of every month. The new balance is intended to cover the following month’s transit, but you can use it at any time.

NYC events

We have a team breakfast every Tuesday morning (BYOB - bring your own breakfast) and a happy hour outing the first Thursday of every month. Both are optional, but lots of fun. Ask to be added to the invite in #nyc.

There is also a shared calendar. If it doesn’t show up in Google Calendar already, try adding under “Other calendars”.

Who works here?

You can find everyone who works in the #nyc channel in Slack.