Office of Acquisition

Welcome to TTS Office of Acquisition (OA) team page!

Our Mission

We seek to design and evangelize acquisition approaches that are better aligned with current industry best practices to ensure the successful delivery of technology products and services that truly meet the needs of TTS, our agency partners, and the people they serve.

Our Approach

In pursuit of our mission, we incorporate the following practices:

  • Applying agile and human-centered practices to help government buy better technology
  • Reducing time and costs
  • Starting small and iterating
  • Creating cross-functional teams
  • Focusing on the user need
  • Working in the open and being transparent
  • Following the appropriate federal and agency-specific rules and regulations

What We Do

We buy digital products and services for TTS as well as for partner agencies (coming soon through assisted acquisitions).

TTS Internal Procurement

If you are within TTS and your procurement need costs less than the micro-purchase threshold ($10,000), please visit the Purchase Requests section in the handbook. For SaaS purchases under $10,000 please visit the Software section.

If you are within TTS and your procurement need costs more than the micro-purchase threshold ($10,000), please visit the Procurements over $10,000 section in the handbook.

TTS OA Operational Guidance

TTS OA aims to redefine the culture of government acquisition of information technology by bringing agile practices to service level procurement policies. TTS OA Operational Guidance, which includes standard operating procedures, #readme’s, templates, checklists and other operational guidance documents, were established to keep TTS procurement practices agile, current, applicable and in compliance at the Federal, Agency and Service levels.


Ask in Slack: #tts-oa-internalbuy