How to get Microsoft Office for OS X

To request a Microsoft Office license for your Mac, see Software.

You should receive a reply from the Infrastructure team linking to this document when your access to an Office license has been granted, as well as an email from Microsoft. When you receive the latter, follow these instructions, as the ones in the email lack a certain specificity:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center.

  2. Click the Sign In button.

  3. Create a new account by clicking “Create one!”: sign-in

  4. Use your GSA email address when signing up.

  5. Wait up to two hours after receiving the Microsoft email – it takes that long for your license access to be granted to your new account.

  6. Log in and navigate to “Downloads and Keys”: downloads and keys

  7. Select “Microsoft Office” for your platform, probably “for Mac Standard”, and then click “Download”.

  8. Important! If you are a Mac user, make sure to change this selector from “32/64 bit” to “MAC”: os type

  9. Then click “Continue” and finally “Download” (a circle with a down-pointing arrow).