Online Learning University

The GSA Online University (OLU) is the home for mandatory trainings for federal employees. Time spent taking OLU trainings should be coded as 969 - GSA-mandated Non-Billable Work in Tock.

Online University (OLU)

Required classes will be assigned in OLU and pushed to TTS employees via email. The following is an overview of required courses:

Mandatory Annual Training for All Employees

  • No Fear Act Training
  • 2018 Mandatory Cyber Security and Privacy Training
  • Sharing in a Collaborative Environment (C)
  • Records Management Training
  • Employee Accountability for GSA Personal Property
  • Insider Threat Awareness and Reporting Training

Affects Designated Employees and other Compliance Tasks

  • Annual Ethics Training (designated employees only)
  • OGE Form 450 Financial Disclosure (annual reporting for designated employees only)
  • FY17 GSA PRIVACY 201 (designated employees only - PII)
  • Telework for Employees 101

NOTE: For the *No Fear Act training, we recommend using Firefox or Safari with IE8 User Agent. Otherwise, it won’t register that you’ve taken the course. Upon completion of the test, you might not be able to click on the Exit button as is suggested. Try closing the window that the test was in and clicking next on the parent window — this should register your test as having been completed and generate the certification that is loaded to your profile.*

NOTE: GSA OLU training material is often not compatible with modern, open-source browsers. We recommend using VmWare Horizon and Internet Explorer to ensure successful course completion and documentation.

Help with OLU

For help with OLU once you’ve logged in, including getting confirmation of classes taken, click on the Learning dropdown at the top of the window and then select Live Support 24/7.

Note that there is a lag time of about four days between completing courses in OLU and having those courses reflected in your CHRIS profile.