Onboarding schedule

This series of onboarding classes is designed to explain how we work and introduce you to organizational best practices. All trainings take place in #TTS-classes.

Most of these trainings are optional (with the exception of the Infrastructure class, which is required since it has critical legal, regulatory, and policy implications for your work). For the optional ones, if you have a conflicting team meeting or another commitment, prioritize that first! You can easily read a class chat log later.

About the schedule

This is a typical onboarding schedule, but the timing may shift based on when you’re hired and federal holidays, etc. Check out the TTS Classes Schedule in Google Calendar for exact times.

Week 1

In your first week, you’ll learn about the different parts of our organization, the tools that we use, the best sources for finding information, how to track your time, and the most important legal and security requirements for working in the federal government as part of TTS.

Note: The titles below are linked to our handbook pages for each subject. Description links offer a more detailed look at what you’ll learn in each session.


  • Handbook 101: Hangouts call based class that reviews how to navigate the handbook and make updates (create pull requests)

  • GSA Internal Tools and Equipment: Self-guided class that provides links to the important internal tools that we use frequently at TTS, including how to receive equipment, helpful government websites, where to request sick or vacation time, and how to book a desk


  • Travel 101: Self-guided class that provides an intro to setting up a travel account, booking travel, and getting reimbursed


  • Tock 101: Text based class that provides an overview of the Tock system and how to track work time


  • Infrastructure best practices: Self-guided class that provides an overview of the Infrastructure team, important compliance topics, and technology best practices at TTS

This is a required course that includes a confirmation survey

Week 2

In your second week, you’ll learn about privacy best practices, how to travel, how to get more involved, the culture of our org, and how we build websites.





  • Business Operations 101: Hangouts call based class that introduces financial health, cost recovery, and the business operations that make our work possible. This class is tailored to 18F and ACQ new hires.


  • Federalist 101: Text based class that introduces static sites and the Federalist platform, which we use to build websites

Still have questions?

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