Team Ops (Operations) handles all activities related to travel, non-travel purchases, legal matters, and equipment requests.

Because TTS is a distributed team, it’s likely there’s some travel in your future. We’re here to help, and the best place to start is in #travel, where Ethan Heppner can help you vanquish the government travel monster (including getting a GSA-issued travel credit card to get reimbursed for expenses).

Ops is also your go-to place for all non-travel purchases: from a $0.99 app to a complex multi-million dollar services contract (though we tend to prefer the $0.99 app variety). For info on the purchasing process, head over to #acquisition, or to submit a new request, please fill out this form. Our resident expert on the subject is Josh Bailes, with support from Matt Spencer and Kathryn Connolly.

Ops is your point of contact for legal matters. For most folks, this means one or two things: (1) non-personal ethics questions, which are discussed in #legalstuff; and (2) interagency agreements (IAAs), which allow us to work with other agencies and get paid. Those are discussed over in #iaa. For personal ethics questions, please contact 18F’s general counsel liaison, John Peters.

If you have any questions, you can find us on Slack in #acquisition, #infrastructure, #equipment, #iaa, #legalstuff, #finance, #pra, #teamops, and #travel, as well as your local office channel.