Purchase requests

If you’re looking to have 18F purchase anything that costs less than $3,500– whether it’s a training, a conference, software not currently in our library, business cards, or other equipment not currently in stock, C2, our purchase request tool, is your one-stop-shop. Your request will be considered, and if approved, purchased by the Operations Team.

Looking to have 18F make a purchase over $3,000? Read on more here

In order to use C2, you’ll need to get your account set up. In order to do this, please visit requests.18f.gov first and sign in with cloud.gov. Agree and continue, then go through the 2-Factor authentication process. This will log your information in the system.

Then, write a brief message in #c24ops: i.e. “Hi, I’d like to be set up in C2”. Within 1 business day, you’ll get a response in the channel confirming the approval of your account.

You’ll then be able to proceed to make either an event request (for trainings and conferences) or a purchase request (for anything else). All requests must be approved by the Director of Operations before they are purchased by an 18F purchase card holder. Training and conference requests must also be recommended for approval by the 18F Director of Training and Development. Do not purchase the request on your own unless you are instructed to do so by a member of the 18F operations team. Read on more below for guidance for different types of requests:

Trainings and conferences

Creating a new event request in C2 allows you to request a training or conference. Please ensure that you have downloaded a PDF copy of your approved IDP from Salesforce, as you will need to attach it before submitting the form. If your request involves travel, please also attach a budget of your estimated travel expenses.

There are a few more rules on requesting trainings and conferences at 18F, please read the full Handbook page on them here.

Business cards

Different 18F team members have different solutions for business cards.

If you want GSA branding, you can create a new purchase request in C2 A standard pack of 250 business cards costs $27.62 after taxes. Once your request has been approved by the Director of Operations, an 18F purchase card holder will reach out to you and put 15 minutes on your calendar. During this meeting, you will work together to place your business card order using https://envisionprintservices.com/. Business cards orders will generally arrive 5-7 business days after placement.

If you want 18F branding, you must purchase your own business cards.

Office supplies

Anyone working in an 18F office may request a purchase of office supplies by creating a new purchase request in C2. Once the request is placed, please add your office’s Operations team point of contact as an Observer of the request. They will make the determination as to whether or not to recommend your request for approval by the Director of Operations. Operations team point of contact are:


Before making a request in C2, please check the 18F software library to see if the software that you are looking for is already available somewhere. Most software at 18F can be requested by sending an email to 18fsoftware@gsa.gov, but there are exceptions. Check the Request Method column of the 18F software library first to confirm what you need to do before you send the email.

If the software you’re looking for isn’t listed, or the request method indicated is C2, please make a new purchase request. Once your request is submitted, please add Erik Burgess as an Observer to your request– he will confirm if your requested software has an Authority to Operate (ATO).

Any questions about purchases of software should be directed to #infrastructure.

Purchases over $3,500

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