Purchase requests

If you’re looking to have TTS purchase anything that costs less than $10,000– whether it’s a training, a conference, software not currently in our library, business cards, or other equipment not currently in stock, C2, our purchase request tool, is your one-stop-shop. Your request will be considered, and if approved, purchased by either the TTS Acquisition (for software) or TTS Operations team (for anything else).

Looking to have TTS make a purchase over $10,000? Read on more here

In order to use C2, you’ll need to get an account set up. Fill out the form here and you will be set up within one business day. Once you are set up, please visit requests.18f.gov first and sign in with cloud.gov. Agree and continue, then go through the 2-Factor authentication process. This will log your information in the system.

You’ll then be able to proceed to make either an event request (for trainings and conferences) or a purchase request (for anything else). All requests must be approved by a director before submitting in C2. This approval can come in the form of an SF-182 (for training and conferences) or simply an email that can be attached to the C2 request. For requests (other than trainings and events) over $3,500 but under $10,000, you’ll need to enter the amount as $3,500 and put the actual amount in the description for now (we are working to update C2 accordingly).

Training and conference requests will first be reviewed by the TTS Director of Governance and Compliance Amber Van Amburg, before getting reviewed by the TTS Director of Business Operations, Jackie Xu. All other requests will go directly to the Director of Business Operations before they are purchased by a purchase card holder (however, software requests will undergo additional review). Do not purchase the request on your own unless you are instructed to do so by a member of the TTS Operations team. Read on more below for guidance for different types of requests. The teams involved in approving and purchasing your requests have bookable office hour slots available] for specific questions about trainings/conferences and software, as well as other more general purchase requests.

Trainings and conferences

Creating a new event request in C2 allows you to request a training or conference. Please ensure that you have downloaded a PDF copy of your approved SF-182 from Salesforce, as you will need to attach it before submitting the form. Ensure the amounts approved on the SF-182 for registration fees and any related travel are consistent with what you need. You can use this budget template and the links included within it to help you estimate your travel expenses.

There are a few more rules on requesting trainings and conferences at 18F, please read the full Handbook page on them here.

Business cards

Different 18F team members have different solutions for business cards.

If you want GSA branding, you can create a new purchase request in C2 A standard pack of 250 business cards costs $27.62 after taxes. Once your request has been approved by the Director of Operations, an 18F purchase card holder will reach out to you and put 15 minutes on your calendar. During this meeting, you will work together to place your business card order using https://envisionprintservices.com/. Business cards orders will generally arrive 5-7 business days after placement.

If you want TTS/18F branding, you must purchase your own business cards.

Office supplies

Anyone working in an 18F office may request a purchase of office supplies by creating a new purchase request in C2. Once the request is placed, please add your office’s Operations team point of contact as an Observer of the request. They will make the determination as to whether or not to recommend your request for approval by the Director of Operations. Operations team point of contact are:


See the software page.

Purchases over $10,000

Purchases over $10,000 require the involvement of a contracting officer. For these sorts of needs, the TTS Office of Acquisition has the TTS Acquisition Intake Form here.

Got questions? Ask #c2-purchase-questions, tts-purchasers@gsa.gov, or book office hours here