Social media

Learn how TTS uses social media.


The Outreach team maintains 18F’s Twitter page and presence on social media.


Find us in Slack:


18F has a Twitter account and a Slack channel called #tweet-this, where you can propose a tweet.


If you’re interested in following 18F, we recommend the following setup:

TweetDeck setup with three columns: 18F's team list, replies to @18F, and @18F feed

The first column is people who work at 18F, the second column features people who mention 18F, and the third is from the actual 18F Twitter account. Here is a Twitter search to see who is talking about 18F on Twitter.

Tips and guidelines

As GSA employees, we all need to follow the GSA Social Media Policy when posting on social media; this policy includes guidance for both official 18F social media accounts and personal use of social media. If you’d like to engage in a discussion or comment thread in your professional capacity as a GSA employee (for example on Hacker News or Reddit), please let the 18F Outreach team know beforehand so they can provide guidance. You can contact them in Slack’s #outreach channel or by using @commsquad, or via email at Always keep in mind the Hatch Act, FOIA, Ethics, and Code of Conduct.

In general, feel free to ask questions on Twitter or share public repos. This helps build trust, and the input we receive from people via Twitter often makes our projects better. This doesn’t apply to anything in a private repo or that’s secret. That said, most of what we work on is fully available to the public through GitHub, and we see the work we do on social media as an extension of that.

If you have any questions about whether to put something on social, feel free to ask in #tweet-this or #legalstuff. Remember our responsibilities as government employees under the Hatch Act.

If you tweet an image on the 18F account, use the “compose image descriptions” option in the Twitter app’s accessibility settings. Once enabled, any thumbnail you upload will have an “add description” button. Tap that button to write an image description of up to 420 characters. This alt text makes our tweets accessible to all users. We try to make things accessible on whatever platform we’re on!


We have an inactive Instagram account, but some ideas are in the works. In the meantime, feel free to contribute to: