TTS Talent attracts the most passionate, talented individuals from across the public and private sectors, offering them unique professional development opportunities, top-notch customer service, and fulfilling, impactful work that transforms how the public interacts with the government.

Talent Team Mission

To cultivate an organization full of highly talented and engaged staff who are provided the opportunity to deliver high impact public service.

To empower the organization with the means and information to fully utilize the capabilities of its people to help government agencies meet their mission and better serve the public.

Referring a person

We accept varying levels of leads including:

  • Referrals: You know them really well (e.g. someone you worked closely with or a good friend)
  • Warm Leads: You kind-of know them (e.g. someone you worked with but not directly)
  • Cold Leads: You barely know them at all (e.g. someone you heard speak at a conference or wrote a memorable blog post)

Submit leads and referrals using the form below: * Referral Submission Form

More information on the referral program can be found here: * Talent Referral Program Information

Leads and referrals are welcome any time, not just during times when positions are open.

To see what positions we’re hiring for, take a look at our Join TTS website.

Applying to open positions

Candidates should apply to open positions here.

How to get in touch

What we do

  • Talent Acquisition: We help identify, target, and attract talented, diverse candidates to apply to TTS.
  • Talent Engagement: We partner with our hiring managers to execute hiring actions and guide candidates from job preparation through selection.
  • Talent Analytics and Strategy: We utilize data to continuously improve the Talent Team’s work-systems and ensure that we are doing so in an agile and sustainable way.
  • Talent Integration: We are responsible for the development, management, and implementation of the TTS onboarding, offboarding and knowledge management programs.
  • Talent Operations: We work with TTS employees to help them with people related matters such as details, reassignments, employment issues, and HR related matters.

Still have questions?

Ask in Slack: #talent