Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) Clearance

For certain projects, clients need TTS employees to have this type of clearance so that they are able to view certain documents. This is the process for TTS employees to request this clearance.

Request process

1. Work with your supervisor to complete the following documents:

2. Email items from Step 1 (updated resume, supervisor justification, GSA PRDS, credit report and Declaration of Federal Employment) to the Talent Team. They will contact GSA HR to take one of the following steps:

  • If you are on an individual PD (i.e. supervisory innovation specialist):
    • HR will only need to update that PD
  • If you are on a standard PD (i.e. innovation specialist):
    • HR will need to create a new PD
    • HR will send TTS Talent Form OF-8 that your supervisor will need to sign
    • Once new PD is approved and OF-8 is submitted, TTS Talent will create an RPA, which moves you to the new PD
      • Please note that you can not be placed on this new PD until your security clearance is processed by OPM. You may request a waiver justification to be placed on this PD before the clearance goes through ONLY if your PD is classified as critical sensitive (versus special sensitive)
      • Waiver justifications must be written by the supervisor and approved by the FAS Commissioner (Alan Thomas)

3. HR will review all items and submit to Security

4. You will receive an email asking you to update your eQIP

  • You’ll have 7 days to complete.

5. Once the eQIP is complete, security will review and send to OPM

  • Security will complete this within 1-3 days
  • It will take approximately 8-15 months to complete the top secret (TS) portion
    • This delay is due to the backlogs at OPM. The SCI portion is controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and can only be requested after the TS is complete. You should plan an additional 4-6 weeks for that process.

6. When a clearance has been approved, the Security Office informs the employee directly and provides further instructions.

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