Transit Benefit

This page outlines how to sign up for and how to cancel the transit benefit.


All GSA employees who take mass/public transit to work are eligible for transit subsidies. To receive a transit subsidy, you need to enroll using the process below.

Enrolling in transit benefit

Use T-TECH TRANSFORMATION SERVICE as your organizational code. Make sure to select the Transit Coordinator in the Region in which you reside - this information is listed in the online form.

  • Go to
  • Click on Transit Benefit Program Application System
  • Click on Register
  • Update your password information using the temporary password that’s emailed to you
  • Login using your government email and updated password
  • Review the “Rules of behavior” and then click on I Agree
  • Click on Transit Benefit Application
  • Select “Certify/Enroll” and click Continue
  • On the “Warning” screen, click I Agree
  • Enter information into the application and verify that it’s correct. Here are common selections for TTS team members:
    • Reason for Certification: New Transit Benefit Participant
    • Employment Type: Permanent
    • Work Status: Full Time
    • Select Transportation Method (i.e. Bus, Other Bus, Rail, Other Method, Van Pool)
      • Fill out corresponding information for each transportation method selected
    • Fill out “Transit Benefit Program Application”
      • Organization Code: Q - Federal Acquisition Service
      • Common identifier: TRANSIT
    • Fill out “Approver Information Section”
      • Select your Supervisor - If your supervisor is not listed, have your supervisor follow these steps:
      • Transit Coordinator:
      • Point of Contact:
        • DC employees: Central Office FAS Transit Subsidy
        • Other regions: enter region code (Ex: Chicago employees enter Region 5)
  • Scroll down and click Continue to submit

Note: The approval process is supervisor, GSA Transit Coordinator, and DOT review/processing.

Cancelling transit benefit

  • Go to
  • Login to your account
  • Click on Transit Benefit Application
  • Click on Withdraw from the program
  • Click Continue
  • Fill out and submit the form


GSA’s new Point of Contact for the transit subsidy program (CommuterConnections) is CO Transit Subsidy: