Welcome to TTS

Rob Cook, Deputy Commissioner, FAS and Director, TTS

Welcome! You’ve just joined a remarkable group of people doing inspiring work. We have an unprecedented opportunity to help bring our government into the digital age and transform the way it works. This opportunity is what brings us together and keeps us excited about the work we do.

Your colleagues here are extraordinarily talented and dedicated, and they care deeply about making a difference. I trust you’ll find them as inspiring to work with as I do. You will find that we have a strong culture that is inclusive, transparent, respectful, and upbeat.

Part of your job is being a great partner to our colleagues throughout government. We strive not only to lead the way in technology, but to exemplify the modern collaborative diverse culture we want to see. Our ability to collaborate with colleagues across government is crucial to our ability to make a difference.

We try to be both strategic and practical – strategic in always keeping the bigger opportunity front of mind and practical in grounding our work in the nitty gritty reality of getting particular projects done. We are committed to working in an open, iterative and user-centered way with a strong focus on delivery.

We aim to make our organization as agile and user-centric as our projects, tapping into our collective ideas and insights. So please let me know if you see any way we can improve.

Thanks. I hope you will find TTS as welcoming and inspiring as I have. It’s great to have you on board.