Working groups and guilds 101

Working groups and guilds are self-organized groups that improve practices, host discussions, and explore ideas at 18F. These volunteer groups decide how and where to focus their efforts and conversations. Anyone may participate in any working group or guild.

18F follows the TTS Policy and Procedure for Internal Project Review which exempts working groups and guilds from review.

Key concepts

Working groups are self-organized. They spin up or down depending on our organizational needs.

Guilds are more permanent than working groups. They’re either created by senior leadership, or working groups may ask senior leadership for guild status. Every guild has an executive sponsor.

18F has a playbook with instructions on how to organize a working group or guild, how to maintain team cohesion, and how to produce artifacts. All groups have a Slack channel. Working-group related channels have a wg- in front of their name; guilds have a g- before the name. Feel free to jump into and out of any of the working group or guild channels to participate or ask questions. The 18F Working Groups & Guilds Calendar houses all formal meeting times for working groups and guilds.

The Slack user group for working group and guild leaders is @wg-g-leads

Existing groups

Accessibility We help 18F develop good, accessible products from the start of production in order to provide an excellent user experience for everyone.
Agile We improve the quality and speed of service delivery through process improvement by encouraging the use of iterative methods in the research, planning, and development of solutions we implement.
Analytics Our mission is to integrate website analytics into all 18F projects.
Capacity Planning We work to iterate and improve our operations to better apply our resources.
Code of Conduct We maintain the 18F Code of Conduct and are committed to enforcing it and helping resolve issues.
Code Reviews We create shared expectations around code reviews to consistently improve code quality and to hone our skills as developers.
Compliance We create tooling, resources, and emotional support for people to get through compliance processes.
Content We promote concise, elegant, user-centered writing. We plan for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.
Core Values We create a shared understanding of values that drive our work and continuously iterate on how our practices reflect those values.
Cybersec We discuss security news and team policies.
Data Services We talk about and help each other with our data projects.
Devops Our mission is to ensure great devops for our projects.
Diversity We help make 18F a great place to work for people of all backgrounds.
Documentation We work to improve the comprehensiveness, quality, and tooling of documentation at 18F.
Ethics Exploring how our work might impact or impose risks on our users, our clients, and the public more generally.
Front End We improve 18F front end code quality through camaraderie and guidelines.
Homepage#g-frontend Waffle Board
GovCareer We support teammates who are interested in a further career in public service in the federal government, whether at GSA or another agency.
Onboarding We work on methods to improve the onboarding process at 18F.
Open Source We help 18F improve how 18F implements its open source policy and team practices, especially the policy of maximizing community involvement and reuse of 18F projects.
Privacy We discuss privacy both in broad terms as well as how it applies to our specific projects.
Project Review We interview 18F project teams so that our processes can improve.
Testing We aim to ensure the long-term success of 18F development projects by cultivating the best automated testing tools, practices, and training materials.
User Research We promote research best practices at 18F and in the rest of government.
Working Groups We’re dedicated to creating an environment in which working groups and guilds can thrive and have a meaningful impact on 18F deliverables and operations.
Workshops We work on having great workshops, whether internally or with other agencies.