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TTS Handbook

A collection of guides and policies to help you with your work.

  1. Welcome to TTS

    Here's what you need to know in your first week.

    1. Welcome
    2. Onboarding schedule
    3. Logging in
    4. Equipment
    5. Networks
    6. Benefits
    7. Online Learning University (OLU)
    8. Travel 101
    9. GitHub 101
  2. About TTS

    Technology Transformation Services (TTS) applies modern methodologies and technologies to improve the public’s experience with government by helping agencies make their services more accessible, efficient, and effective. Below is more information on both general TTS policies and the individual offices within TTS.

    General information and resources

        Who we are

      1. TTS Code of Conduct
      2. TTS mission, history, and values
      3. TTS org chart
      4. General contacts and listservs
      5. Working groups and guilds

        1. Diversity at TTS
        2. Accessibility
      6. Glossary
      7. Records management
      8. Washington, D.C. Office

        Travel and leave

      1. Travel guide (table of contents)


      1. FITARA
      2. Requirements for passwords
      3. Security incidents
      4. Sensitive information

        Employee resources

      1. Conferences, events, and training
      2. Emergency procedures
      3. Employee assistance program
      4. Employment verification
      5. Overtime and comp time
      6. Purchase requests

        1. Software under $10,000
        2. Procurements over $10,000
      7. Resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals
      8. Telework guidance

        1. Virtual work and moving
      9. Transit benefit

        Hiring, staying, or changing jobs

      1. Hiring
      2. TTSJobs
      3. Term extensions
      4. Assignments and details
      5. Promotions
      6. Leaving TTS

    Software and tools

      1. GSA internal tools
      2. AnyConnect (VPN client)
      3. eSign (digital signatures)
      4. Federalist (publishing platform)
      5. GitHub (code repos and versioning)
      6. Gmail
      7. Google Analytics
      8. Google Calendar
      9. Google Drive
      10. Google Groups
      11. Google Meet (video conferencing)

      1. Meetings and meeting tools
      2. Microsoft Office for OS X
      3. (collaborative whiteboard tool)
      4. Network time sync in OS X with NTP
      5. Slack (chat client)
      6. Text editors
      7. Tock (time tracking)
      8. Trello (task and project management)
      9. VMware Fusion (hypervisor)
      10. VMware Horizon (virtual desktop client)
      11. Zoom (video conferencing)
  3. TTS Offices

    We’re all one family at TTS, but each office has its own norms and practices.

    TTS Office of Operations

        Business Operations

      1. Ops
      2. Agreements

        1. State and local agreements
      3. Technology Portfolio

        Talent team

      1. Talent
      2. Federal resume guide
      3. Refer a person
      4. Internal TTS Opportunities
      5. Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) Clearance


      1. Outreach

    TTS Office of Acquisition

    1. Overview of OA
    2. OA Operational Guidance


        About 18F

      1. 18F history and values
      2. 18F org chart

        How we work

      1. How we relate to partners
      2. How we collaborate
      3. Time tracking and billing
      4. How we staff projects

        18F chapters

        Custom Partner Solutions

      1. Acquisition
      2. Design
      3. Engineering
      4. Product
      5. Strategy

        18F labs

      1. Writing Lab
      2. Design Lab
      3. Dev Lab

        18F locations

      1. Distributed
      2. Chicago
      3. New York City
      4. San Francisco
      5. Washington, D.C.

        18F platforms


        18F team resources

      1. Before you ship
      2. Blogging
      3. Doing research at 18F
      4. Leading projects
      5. One-on-ones
      6. Open source policy
      7. Out of office expectations
      8. Performance Plan (FY19)
      9. Working on an acquisition engagement

        1. Acquisition engagement types
        2. Acquisition engagement glossary

    Office of Products and Programs (OPP)

        About OPP

      1. Overview of OPP
      2. OPP history
      3. OPP org chart


      1. Data
      2. Innovation
      3. Public Experience
      4. Smarter IT
      5. Secure Cloud
      6. 10x

    Centers of Excellence (CoE)

    1. Overview of CoE
    2. CoE Website

    Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF)

    1. PIF Website